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Welcome to Hillcrest

Hillcrest Children’s Services is a national provider of specialist therapeutic children’s homes and schools for boys and girls with social, emotional and mental health difficulties (SEMH).

We provide the following services to ensure positive outcomes for all children placed with us.

  • High quality Ofsted registered children’s homes in rural & urban settings
  • DfE registered special schools – full curriculum and vocational training
  • A child centred therapeutic approach to care
  • Clinical support provided throughout a placement, offering highly specialised individual assessment
  • High ratios of qualified and experienced staff
  • A fostering service providing specialised, stable and consistent family environments

I’m really impressed with the work the staff have achieved over the last few years while X lived at the Laurels…he has come on leaps and bounds due to their support and care. He’s doing really well and is a really happy and healthy young man. He’s lovely company and has done so well, thanks to the work by the Laurels.

Social Worker, Hillcrest The Laurels

I have found your dedication and commitment to the children in your care inspirational. It is so clear, every time I visit how much you care about the children you work with and how you strive to ensure the children have the best outcomes.

Social Worker, Hillcrest

I have to say that the changes I have seen in X and the progress I have seen X make whilst at Haven can only be described as exceptional… (the staffs) actions are not motivated by a sense of process without purpose, nor are they motivated by any great ambition to be seen as outstanding, or be better than any other care provision. They…seem to be motivated by strong interpersonal relationships they have with the children, and a wish to do the best for them because it’s the right thing to do.

Previous Carer – Hillcrest Haven Lodge

The staff are very proactive and communicate effectively regarding all issues. They go over and above their duty to support the young people placed in their care. X has made remarkable progress since placed with Hillcrest. The care provided is in line with the young person’s care and therapeutic plan. It is a happy place where the young people are always laughing, polite and engaging. It is good value for money.

Social Worker

I would like to thank you for sticking with Sarah and giving Greenwich a great service.  I will miss coming to visit, unless I get a new young person who needs a loving and supportive home and will definitely keep Sandilands in mind as and when this happens.

Greenwich Children’s Services

Thank you all for the wonderful support, guidance, care and amazing work you do with our young people. I’ve been extremely impressed with you all and as a social worker, appreciate all of your dedication to good practice.

Hounslow Children’s Services

I would like to express my extreme gratitude and thanks for all the wonderful care and guidance given to my daughter at Oathill Lodge, she has been kept safe and well. The staff at Oathill are all very professional and very, very caring. The activities are marvelous, my daughter really loves her singing lessons.

Parent of young person

I placed a young person at the College and with regular, intensive support from staff  the YP has not only been kept safe but has also become more aware and reflective of the unsafe situations she previously placed herself in. It looks very likely that she will leave Hillcrest with qualifications.

Brent Children’s Services

This pupil has become a star pupil with you and your team. I have always rated your school and its way of coping with some extremely high level children.

SEN Team Oxfordshire

Young people thrive in the home’s supportive environment. They feel safe and enjoy positive relationships with staff.


Hillcrest is part of the Outcomes First Group which is a national provider of services providing education and therapeutic care to children, young people and adults with autism, learning disabilities and social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH).

Hillcrest is committed to empowering and inspiring individuals to learn, achieve and succeed, in a bid to help reintegrate them back into mainstream settings, facilitate plans to return home or enable them to progress as individuals in their own home placements and schools.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH)
Help Sheets

The Hillcrest Clinical Team have created a series of help sheets offering advice and guidance to carers, professionals and local authorities for children and young people who have experienced developmental trauma. To see the full series, or to sign up to receive them, please follow this link.


Working with parents and carers to raise awareness about the dangers of child sexual exploitation.


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