Hillcrest has an established Service Governance Framework, which aims to:

  • Ensure Regulatory Standards are met and if possible exceeded.
  • Identify, investigate and take action when standards are not met.
  • Strive for, plan and drive forward continuous quality improvement and outcomes.
  • Identify, share and ensure delivery of best practice.
  • Identify and manage risks to quality of provision.

Our service governance team, comprising of Board Directors, Responsible Individuals and Senior Managers across the organisation, meet once a month to analyse the quality assurance data provided by each of our service divisions and ensures commensurate actions are taken.  This includes practice initiatives, risks and issues across a range of areas; HR, Training, Health and Safety, Risk Management, Clinical Practice, Education, Research and Audit, Regulation and Inspection and the legal framework within which we work.

In addition our Head Teachers are supported by our Schools Improvement Partner who attends the Head Teachers Forum and joins the Service Governance Group on a regular basis.

Alongside these internal governance measures, the Board of Directors has an Executive Chairman and a Non-Executive Director, both of whom has extensive experience and contact in the sector; which enables them to observe Options’ performance against sector best practice and trends.

Hillcrest is accredited with ISO a nationally recognised standard for our quality assurance measures.

Clinical Effectiveness

Guided by research, NICE guidelines and practice evidence, the clinical team continuously support their clinical work with routine assessments of progress. Assessments include compiling thorough outcome measure reports on a regular basis. Further to this, individual and group interventions are also checked for clinical effectiveness through the use of standardised measures, personal narratives, formal and informal feedback. This information guides subsequent interventions and clinical practice. On a systemic level the teams also undergo service-specific assessments, research and audits to ensure the effective provision of clinical services throughout the company.

Group forums are held regularly, chaired by the head of governance and clinical service, bringing the entire Options clinical team together to share learnings and support CPD.

Adam has become a star pupil with you and your team. I have always rated your school and its way of coping with some extremely high level children.

SEN Team Oxfordshire

Ben’s management of his behaviour has improved dramatically since he was placed at The Bartons. Ben’s needs are being consistently addressed and he is being prepared for independence; this will not be rushed. This is a superb placement for Ben and long may it continue.

Northamptonshire Childrens Services

Simon has had a period of disrupted education and a long period of being out of school, since he has been at Hillcrest he is doing very well and the support offered to enable him to maintain in the classroom has been vital, as well as the support offered to help him develop strategies and ways of managing his emotions and behaviours.

Kent Children’s Services