Hillcrest is fully committed and recognises its responsibility to promote safe practice and to protect vulnerable children and young people from harm, abuse and exploitation. All employees share in this commitment whilst promoting the rights and welfare of everyone accessing a Hillcrest service.

Hillcrest provides services that are enveloped by a group safeguarding culture. Policies and procedures in place to ensure that good quality, safe and effective support is provided at all times. There are comprehensive and robust procedures in place for the monitoring and reporting of suspicions of abuse or poor practice, which all staff are expected and trained to follow.

Adam has become a star pupil with you and your team. I have always rated your school and its way of coping with some extremely high level children.

SEN Team Oxfordshire

Ben’s management of his behaviour has improved dramatically since he was placed at The Bartons. Ben’s needs are being consistently addressed and he is being prepared for independence; this will not be rushed. This is a superb placement for Ben and long may it continue.

Northamptonshire Childrens Services

Simon has had a period of disrupted education and a long period of being out of school, since he has been at Hillcrest he is doing very well and the support offered to enable him to maintain in the classroom has been vital, as well as the support offered to help him develop strategies and ways of managing his emotions and behaviours.

Kent Children’s Services