Our Approach

Each individual is different, meaning what they need from us is tailored depending on their needs, right from the point of placement with Hillcrest throughout their journey with us.

We use a person centred approach to plan and deliver outcome focused services. Using a combination of our own successfully developed core practice models alongside other clinical models.

At Hillcrest we continually strive to meet children’s needs to ensure they have a positive experience of living with us.

Being Healthy

All children in our care attend Doctor, Dentist, and Optician appointments. We also have links into local CAMHS teams and provide a safe, nurturing and caring home environment.

Staying Safe

Our residential homes provide a secure and safe environment where staff develop key working relationships with children focused on improving personal safety and wellbeing.

Enjoying and Achieving

All our children are given opportunities to enjoy a range of confidence building activities such as horse riding, sailing and mountain biking. They are encouraged to be members of local children’s organisations such as sports clubs, guides, cubs and cadets.

Making a Positive Contribution

Our children play an active part in developing their care, health and education plans.

Achieve Economic Well-being

All our children are actively encouraged to undertake further education. We also strive to prepare them for living independently in their communities, saving for their future through their individual bank accounts and developing work experience.


The Community of Communities (CofC) is partnered with the Royal College of Psychiatry. It is a standards-based quality improvement and accreditation network working with Therapeutic Communities (TCs) in the UK and abroad. This accreditation is issued by the Therapeutic Community Accreditation Panel (TCAP) and is an exciting benchmark within the Residential childcare sector.

Our membership to The Consortium of Therapeutic Communities is a reflection of our commitment to operating in a therapeutic environment and manner. The consortium is for organisations who recognise the influence of our social environment on how we are, what we learn and how we change.

Adam has become a star pupil with you and your team. I have always rated your school and its way of coping with some extremely high level children.

SEN Team Oxfordshire

Ben’s management of his behaviour has improved dramatically since he was placed at The Bartons. Ben’s needs are being consistently addressed and he is being prepared for independence; this will not be rushed. This is a superb placement for Ben and long may it continue.

Northamptonshire Childrens Services

Simon has had a period of disrupted education and a long period of being out of school, since he has been at Hillcrest he is doing very well and the support offered to enable him to maintain in the classroom has been vital, as well as the support offered to help him develop strategies and ways of managing his emotions and behaviours.

Kent Children’s Services