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Earth Hour At Hillcrest Steps

Earth Hour at Hillcrest Steps

The WWF run an annual “Earth Hour” during which people are encouraged to turn out their lights and think about the way their use of electricity impacts the environment.

This year it was held on March 25th at 8:30pm – which isn’t great for us at Steps as most of our kids are in bed by then!

So we decided that anyone who wanted to get involved could do so by dedicating an hour of their time over the course of the weekend to anything that helped the environment, doing something to appreciate nature or things to save electricity.

Druey and Lewis were especially keen and they got on with spending time on both Saturday and Sunday turning over the vegetable patches in our garden ready for planting. Other people joined in by doing things such as star gazing, switching lights off and talking about nature and the environment, whilst out on woodland walks.

Everyone who completed the hour has been awarded a cloth badge similar to the ones you get in Cubs or Guides. This will hopefully keep our kids interested in nature and the environment and inspire the next generation of eco-warriors!

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