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Poppy Lodge Skern Trip

Poppy Lodge Skern Trip

This year’s trip to Skern lodge was one of the best and most rewarding for the young people and staff at Poppy.

There was a good mix of those who have been before and those who had never had the fantastic opportunities Skern offers. It was an early start from Poppy with Kev cooking up his traditional bacon and egg sandwiches for everyone and waving us off. It was an enjoyable car journey down to Devon with lots of terrible singing and anticipation for the holiday ahead.

Skern Lodge is situated on beautiful stretch of Devonshire coast line and offers a huge range of adventurous activities both land based and water based. The Poppy boys and staff got the opportunity to literally jump into the deep on the first activity which was the bridge jump. This was a great first activity which involves jumping from a bridge into the local river. The jump it’s self is about 5 meters which doesn’t sound a like a big deal but when you are stood on the edge it can seem like you are stood on the edge of Spinnaker Tower about to jump into the harbour.

The Poppy boys and staff were very supportive and encouraging of each other all digging deep and finding that hidden bit of courage to push themselves out of their comfort zones and take the leap. With the tone of the holiday set firmly in everybody’s mind the Poppy boys and staff took to every challenge and activity with relish from surfing and rafting to doing a 30 meter abseil down a cliff on the Heartland day.

Every Poppy boy and staff member left Skern Lodge with a big sense of achievement all feeling that they had challenged not only themselves but also their individual fears both fully and openly. The unit holiday’s Poppy Lodge offer a very important opportunity for the young people to learn self-control, teamwork and a sense of no matter how difficult the situation I can conquer it and push for a positive outcome.

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