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Hillcrest Shifnal School

Hillcrest Shifnal School

Hillcrest Shifnal School

  Shropshire / Staffordshire

Key Features

Age Range: 5-19 Yrs
Gender: Co-educational
No. of Children: 60
Category: SEMH
Ofsted Rating: Good

Ofsted Report

“The school provides many experiences which help pupils to develop positive attitudes to learning and promote good social development.”

Download a copy of the Ofsted report here.

Mission Statement

Hillcrest Shifnal School strive to provide learning experiences and opportunities that will enhance the lives of all the students we educate.  We are inclusive of all backgrounds and abilities with our key focus being learning through emotional intelligence and developing resilience within our students.

Our aim is provide a balanced and bespoke curriculum which will enable students the room to grow and develop into confident, creative and become well-rounded members of the community. We achieve this through promoting Emotional Literacy and SMSC, as well as raising the awareness and understanding of the environment and the world. Students are specifically supported to develop their skills in literacy and numeracy in line with National Curriculum expectation while they build upon their ability to communicate and self-esteem. Specialist staff work with students to develop positive working relationships and to provide a cohesive, nurturing environment within which every individual can thrive.  Our students will learn to celebrate success as well as having the skills to adapt to change and learn from mistakes. Hillcrest Shifnal School is a place where everybody is somebody and everyone works hard to achieve this aim.


Hillcrest Shifnal School delivers a structured programme of education, tailored to each student’s individual needs and taking into account their Statement of Special Educational Needs. Students are taught in small cohorts and individually, by fully qualified teachers and instructors.


The curriculum is provided in a structured and supportive environment and is planned to meet the personal, academic and pastoral needs of the student at each stage of their schooling.

Hillcrest Shifnal School offers an education which exposes students’ to a broad, balanced, differentiated and relevant curriculum, presents them with challenges in which creativity is fostered and which is based on the essential elements of the National Curriculum with other courses such as Duke of Edinburgh and Animal Care delivered at a local farm, supporting students interests and aspirations. The school has an excellent adult to student ratio with class sizes of up to a maximum of five students, which are taught and supported by at least two staff in every lesson. This enables us to give our children high levels of support at all times.

Hillcrest Shifnal School offers provision for Primary students in years 1-6 within a self-contained Primary Department. Within our Primary curriculum we value the way in which all Students are unique, and our curriculum promotes respect for the views of each individual child, as well as for people of all cultures. We celebrate the spiritual and moral development of each person, as well as their intellectual, physical and social growth. We organise our curriculum so that we promote co-operation and understanding between all members of our community, value the rights enjoyed by each person in our society, respect each child in our school for who they are, and we treat them with fairness and honesty. We aim to enable each student to be a valued member of society while meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum for all subjects, underpinning social awareness with additional SEAL learning, and accelerating progress for our learners with targeted academic intervention. We base our provision around small group teaching and additional 1-1 support, with access to pastoral support and a nurturing approach.


New pupils are admitted as follows:

Route 1: Day Pupils with an Education Health and Care Plan are admitted following a referral from an Officer of the appropriate Local Authority seeking a place at Hillcrest Shifnal School.

Route 2: Children in the care of a Hillcrest residential home or a Sunflower fostering placement within daily travelling distance of Shifnal.

Route 3: Children in the care of a non-Hillcrest residential home or a non-Sunflower Fostering placement within daily travelling distance of Shifnal.

The registered age for pupils is from 5 years to 19 years and covers Key Stages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

To make a referral please contact Julie Speed in our referrals team on 03458 727477 or email [email protected]


All of our Key Stage 4 and 5 students have access to level 2 and 3 qualifications, with entry level and functional skills qualifications also being available to Key Stage 3 students where appropriate. All students are baseline assessed on entrance to the school using standardised assessments relating to reading, spelling, maths and science. On-going assessment then takes place with student work being marked regularly. Staff make use of a range of marking and feedback methods; written feedback (the more traditional marking), verbal feedback, peer feedback, student self- reflection and electronic feedback (when appropriate, particularly in more practical subjects).  Attainment Data is provided for all SEN, PEP and LAC reviews with parents and carers also being invited to attend parent/carer consultation meetings throughout the year to review progress.

Hillcrest Shifnal School Governance

The governing body of Hillcrest Shifnal School is committed and confident in achieving a balance of diversity in skills and experience to work together effectively as a team, with a structure to reinforce the roles and responsibilities of its members and to continue to provide good quality education with fresh and exciting ideas.  All the governors are trained and will be required to attend three governors meetings and one annual review per year.

The aim is to provide a strategic management, supporting the head teacher and other staff members, to ensure accountability to drive the financial performance and standards up while assuring that Hillcrest Shifnal School is managed with a strong moral principle and integrity.

To see the Board of Governors, please click here.

You can contact the board via the school on 01952 468220.

Progress, Attainment and Results

To See Hillcrest Shifnal School’s Progress, Attainment and Results, please click here.


Hillcrest Shifnal School is a Department for Education registered independent school that work with students aged 5-19 with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs, as well as other learning needs.

The Head Teacher, Senior Leadership Team, Teachers and Instructors liaise closely with parents and carers to ensure the best outcomes for all of our learners.

By providing a small group settings, with a nurturing ethos, yet high academic aims for all of our students we aim to prepare our students for adult life, offering high quality learning yet emotional support throughout the curriculum.

Our school has a designated Primary and Secondary department, as well as an individualised Student Support Service that provides more intensive support and a 1:1 setting. Vocational subjects are taught within the school setting using our Vocational Block and we all access external provision to provide a range of different learning environments dependent on student need.

Parent Zone

Useful Links and Information

Useful Links

We are committed to working with parents and carers to raise awareness about the dangers of child sexual exploitation.

If you are worried about online abuse or the way someone has been communicating online, visit the CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) website here.

ParentINFO provides expert information to help children and young people stay safe online, visit their website here.

The Educate Against Hate website gives teachers and parents practical advice and information on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation, visit the website here.


The Thinkuknow website provides education about sexual abuse and sexual exploitation for parents, carers, professionals and young people, with the aim of keeping children safe. See the website here.


The Young Minds website provides information and guidance for adults, young people and children on targeting and improving emotional well-being and mental health. Take a look here.


Life in ‘Likes’ – Children’s Commissioner Report into Social Media use among 8 to 12 year olds

Whilst most social media platforms have an age limit of 13, it seems children younger than this are accessing and using the platforms. In October and November last year, eight focus groups were set up with 32 children between the ages of 8 to 12 to understand how social media is impacting the well-being of this age group. Read the report’s findings here.




Could you spot the signs in someone contemplating suicide? Even if you could, how confident would you be to intervene? I know how busy we all are, but I would urge as many people as possible to spend 20-30 minutes to undertake the training, which provides the essential life-skills required to spot and manage risk and signpost to appropriate support. To access to the online training, click on this link 


Please see the link below for a free online learning course about sexual abuse. The video is really hard hitting and it gives an important message. The course is certificated and it takes just under an hour to complete.

PREVENT: Tackling radicalisation and extremism

Forced Marriage

School Events

School Events

What is Safer Internet Day?

Coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre, Safer Internet Day sees thousands of people across the UK get involved to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people. The UK Safer Internet Centre is a partnership of three leading organisations: Childnet International, the Internet Watch Foundation and the South West Grid for Learning, with one mission – to promote the safe and responsible use of technology for young people

You can read more here:

New Internet Safety Game

‘Band Runner’, a new online game for 8 to 10 years olds is soon going to be released. The game is fun and informative, with key safety messages and questions about staying safe online.

Children can read guides on the website on topics like ‘chatting’, ‘gaming’ and ‘sharing’ and there’s information on how to access help and support if they need it. Within a ‘Grown Ups zone’, parent/carers can also find guidance on how to best use the website and game with children.


Every piece of work completed equals 1 extra merit in school.


To see the English homework, please click here


Maths Homework KS4 

Maths Homework Year 8

Maths Homework Year 9


To see the Science homework, please click here


To see the History homework, please click here


To see the Music homework, please click here and here


To see the ICT homework, please click here and here

Hair and Beauty

To see the Hair and Beauty homework, please click here

Performing Arts

To see the Performing Arts homework, please click here


To see the PSHE homework, please click here


To see the Citizenship homework, please click here

Physical Education, Adventure Service Challenge and Outdoor Education

Adventure Service Challenge Homework 1

Adventure Service Challenge Homework 2

BTEC PE Homework

GCSE PE Homework 1

GCSE PE Homework 2

Outdoor Education Homework 

Term Dates 2020/2021

Please click here for the term dates for Hillcrest Shifnal School 2020/2021.

Pupil Zone

Useful Links



Lives Not Knives

No Knives, Better Lives



Young Minds

Voice Box, Childline’s Weekly Video Chat


Head Teacher: Amanda Black

Address: Hillcrest Shifnal School, Lamledge Lane, Shifnal, Shropshire, TF11 8SD

Telephone: 01952 468220

Governing Body: Lauren Wright, Hillcrest Shifnal School, Lamledge Lane, Shifnal, Shropshire, TF11 8SD

Proprietor: Richard Power, Outcomes First Group Ltd, Turnpike Gate House, Alcester Heath, Alcester, Warwickshire B49 5JG

Staff List: Please see here.

Contact: [email protected] 


Further information

To see further information on the school (as detailed in the prospectus), please see here.

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